Palomar is a design company founded in Florence in 2001. The objects it designs and produces are radically innovative for the new meanings they aspire to bring to our everyday life.

The objects are designed for the individual and many of them are the result of a contemporary cartographic research (at a time where travelling is so crucial to our lives). Every project represents a sort of counter-melody to the overwhelming digital technology mainstream: a resolute return to the analogue, a way of saying that a more human, more ironic and possibly more attractive dimension can coexist with technology and its presumed imperatives.

Crumpled city

PinWorld Maps

Soft city maps for urban jungles
Design: Pizzolorusso
Wall map diary
Design: Pizzolorusso
Crumpled city Barcelona


The personal globe
Design: Francesco Toselli
by Cities
Here cities
by Countries
Here coutries




Magnetic wearable light
Design: Pizzolorusso
Magnetic bike lights
Design: Pizzolorusso
Magnetic bike bell
Design: Odo Fioravanti
Lucina Lucetta Nello

The monkey

Radio/Speaker for dynamic people
Design: RSW
All monkeys
Monkey hand

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