Vektor Editions

VEKTOR EDITIONS, a new member of the NAKAS Group, was founded in 2013 and is publishing road, tourist and hiking maps and guides.

The company's goal is to publish quality and specialized maps and guides for every need and activity, gradually covering the huge gap of the Albanian market in this sector.

The publishing activity of VEKTOR EDITIONS was launched with the presentation of a large range of road and hiking maps.


  • Albania Big Map 1:250.000
    It presents a detailed view of high analysis and provides useful tourist information.

  • Albania Yellow Map 1:350.000
    It is a practical map that includes detailed and useful information for the whole country. Ideal tool to make your travel plan!

Albania Maps


In this series of maps, Albania is divided into three regional maps:
  • North Albania
  • Central Albania
  • South Albania

Regional Maps


Travel around and discover the beauties of Albanian Prefectures, with the map of your choice.

Prefecture maps are laminated, show high detail and are GPS compatible, up-to-date, including a detailed index of villages and useful information for all travelers.



Albanian cities maps are laminated, show high detail, up-to-date, including street indexes and other useful information such as hotels, cultural centers, museums, schools, public services etc.

City Maps


Discover the beauty of mountainous and other special regions of Albania through these map series. Mountain maps are laminated and up-to-date, with high analysis and GPS compatible. They include plenty of information about each area, as long as paths and roads and they are ideal for hikers, cyclists, motorcyclists, 4x4 drivers, etc.

Mountain Maps


Hiking and mountain bike trails in the Himarë region. Trail descriptions, maps and guest house information are included.

Hiking TrailsBike Trails


  • Albania Big Map 100x140cm
    An extra large map, detailed, including name index and a lot of useful information. It also includes rails and hooks, ready to be hung on the wall.

  • Albania Map 70x100cm
    A large map, detailed, including name index. It also includes rails and hooks, ready to be hung on the wall.

  • Tirana Big Map 120x160cm
    An extra large map, detailed, including street and places of tourist interest index, as well as information such as museums, hospitals, cultural centers etc. It also includes rails and hooks, ready to be hung on the wall.

Wall Map
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