GiziMap concentrates on mapping the countries of Asia, northern Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean Area. They also produce some street maps.

General features:

  • Detailed and attractive general maps, mostly with an administrative map included.
  • Plenty of names of mountain ranges, peaks, valleys, deserts, spot heights, swamps, salt flats, glaciers, rock outcrops, plains, National parks and other geographical features are shown.
  • All place names are transliterated, with alternative versions provided where necessary, particularly in the border areas.
  • Multilingual legend includes English.
  • Terrain features such as salt flats, glaciers, swamps, deserts and flood plains are distinguished by different graphics.
  • Oases, water wells and numerous spot heights are marked.
  • Symbols denote places of tourist interest including major places of worship, palaces, temples, beach resorts, antiquities, archeological sites, museums, tombs, world heritage sites, forts and archaeological remains, national parks and protected areas, beaches, historic sites, natural curiosities, locations with tourist accommodation including yurt camps etc.
  • Several categories of roads are distinguished, including selected minor roads and tracks, with intermediate driving distances marked on many routes. Railways, shipping routes, airports and ports are marked and administrative region boundaries (and disputed frontiers) are shown.
  • Street plans of major cities are often included.
  • An index is included.

Covers GiziMap

  • Geographical editions:
    The map has bold altitude colouring to provide a vivid picture of the region’s topography.
    Geo Detail

  • Road editions:
    Altitude colouring has been replaced by relief shading to provide a clearer background for the road and rail networks.
    Road Detail

List of GiziMaps
Title Scale ISBN Craenen code
AFGHANISTAN Geo. with Kabul & 5 Cities1/2M9786155010019GIZI.025G
ALGERIA Geographical1/2,5M9789638680815GIZI.125G
ALGERIA Road Map1/2,5M9789638703002GIZI.150R
CAUCASUS Geographical1/1M9789630065818GIZI.425G
CAUCASUS Road Map1/1M9789630296687GIZI.450R
CENTRAL ASIA Geographical1/1,75M9789630372381GIZI.175G
CENTRAL ASIA Road Map1/1,75M9789630372398GIZI.200R
CHINA Geographical1/4,75M9789638746511GIZI.CN.0.G
CHINA Reference Map (Political)1/6,5M9789638680860GIZI.CN.0.P
CHINA South (1) Geographical1/2M9789638703033GIZI.CN.1G
CHINA Central (2) Geographical1/2M9789638703040GIZI.CN.2G
CHINA Northeast (3) Geographical1/2M9789638703057GIZI.CN.3G
CHINA Northwest (4) Geographical1/2M9789630080514GIZI.CN.4G
CUBA Geographical1/1M9789638746566GIZI.225G
DALMATIA • ISTRIA Geographical1/2509789632163147GIZI.250G
DALMATIA • ISTRIA Road Map1/2509789638680853GIZI.275R
EGYPT Geographical1/1,3M9789638703088GIZI.300G
ETHIOPIA Geographical1/2M9786155010026GIZI.320G
INDIA Geographical1/3M9789632121635GIZI.325G
INDIA Road Map1/3M9789638680877GIZI.350R
IRAN Geographical1/2M9789638703026GIZI.400G
IRAQ Geographical1/1,75M9789632042992GIZI.375G
KAZAKHSTAN Geographical1/3M9789630083157GIZI.475G
KAZAKHSTAN Road Map1/3M9789630080507GIZI.500P
KOSOVO Geographical1/2509789630039208GIZI.515G
KYRGYZSTAN Geographical1/7509786155010125GIZI.520G
LIBYA Geographical1/1,75M9789638680808GIZI.530G
LIBYA Road Map1/1,75M9789632176109GIZI.545R
MACEDONIA Geographical1/2509786155010088GIZI.560G
MACEDONIA Road Map1/2509789630296670GIZI.560R
MALI Geographical1/2M9789638746597GIZI.575G
MAURITANIA Geographical1/1,75M9789638746559GIZI.605G
MIDDLE EAST Political1/4M9789638746573GIZI.620P
MONGOLIA Geographical1/2M9789638680822GIZI.635G
MONGOLIA Road Map1/2M9789638680884GIZI.650R
MONTENEGRO & NORTH ALBANIA Geo.1/2009786155010149GIZI.670G
MOROCCO Geographical1/1,25M9789638746504GIZI.590G
NEW ZEALAND Geographical1/1,7M9789638703095GIZI.680G
OMAN • UAE Geographical1/1,25M9789638703071GIZI.710G
PAKISTAN Geographical1/2M9786155010033GIZI.725G
RED SEA Geographical1/2M9789638746580GIZI.740G
SAUDI ARABIA Geographical1/3M9789638746528GIZI.755G
SERBIA-KOSOVO-MONTENEGRO Road Map1/5009789630080538GIZI.770R
SOMALIA - SOMALILAND Geo.1/1,75M9786155010101GIZI.775G
ST HELENA & DEPENDENCIES Geo.1/359786155010002GIZI.785G
ST LUCIA Road Map1/509789638746542GIZI.800R
SUDAN • SOUTH SUDAN Geo.1/2,5M9786155010064GIZI.780G
SYRIA & LEBANON Geo.1/7509786155010118GIZI.805G
TIBET (5) Geographical1/2M9789632041391GIZI.CN.5G
TIBET Road Map1/2M9789630080521GIZI.CN.5R
TRANSYLVANIA South-Eastern Geo.1/2009789638680891GIZI.815G
TURKMENISTAN Geographical1/1,3M9786155010132GIZI.825G
UKRAINE • MOLDOVA Geographical1/1,1M9786155010071GIZI.695G
VATICAN CITY City Map1/2,259786155010095GIZIC82
VIETNAM - LAOS & CAMBODIA Geo.1/1,4M9789638746535GIZI.835G
YEMEN Geographical1/1,25M9786155010057GIZI.415G

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