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Camperstop Europe 2024.

English Edition!

Now available!

8491 selected camperstops throughout 30 European countries in one guide!

Motorhome guide Camperstop Europe has been a well known name among European motorhomers for decades. This motorhome guide contains useful information on over 8,491 selected motorhome stopovers in 30 European countries. Clear symbols and pictures allow the motorhome to judge at a glance whether the location meets his/her requirements.

For the 16th year already, this English-language motorhome guide has been published. With this new edition, you as a motorhome owner will be helped in your search for motorhome stopovers that fully meet your needs. This edition gives you plenty of information on 8,491 motorhome stopovers spread across as many as 30 European countries. By purchasing this new, more compact motorhome guide, you also receive a free one-year licence to the Camperstop-App, worth € 6.99. This allows you to access the full range of motorhome stopovers digitally anytime, anywhere.

These inspected motorhome stopovers, spread across 30 European countries, are presented in a concise, compact style. A few clear symbols tell users at a glance which motorhome stopovers meet their requirements. After all a motorhome stopover may consist of, for example, a motorhome park, free overnight stay, official motorhome stopover, or even an overnight stay on the private property of a local (wine) farmer or at a (yacht) marina.

Camperstop 2024 Camperstop Europe 2024 offers extensive information which is indispensable for each motor home user:
  • More than 8,491 European motorhome stopovers in one guide
  • These motorhome stopovers, spread across 30 European countries, are presented in a concise, compact style
  • Information is also provided describing the facilities offered and the area, which obviously varies from one motorhome stopover to the next.
  • Size 17 cm x 24 cm.

Further key points:
  • The guide is very simple to use because of a clear classification and maps.
  • All desired facilities can be found in an instant.
  • All the stopovers are annually checked by inspectors; GPS-coordinates; overview maps.
  • Description of the motor home stopover:
    Number of pitches, GPS coordinates, prices, surface, distance to village or town/ beaches /supermarket /restaurants /motorway / Public transport etc.
  • Description of the facilities available:
    Fresh water, grey water dump, chemical toilet disposal, electricity, toilets, showers, Wifi, including the prices.
  • Information of the stopover is completed with addresses and Internet sites of local tourist offices and interesting curiosities/events in the same town.
  • Information about how to pay (if needed) for service and parking space (cash, bank/credit card, parking meter or collector).
  • Pointing the distance to walking and bicycle routes (if available).
  • Countries covered by Camperstop Europe 2024; Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.
  • Content: 8,491 selected motorhome stops, Navteq cartography, legal requirements and tourist information per country.

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