Swivel unit

The swivel system comprises double sided boards, laminated with a write on/wipe off U.V. protected laminate and supplied in a soft-line profile. All necessary fixtures and fittings are included. Boards are always the same height and are mounted on the swivel system.


Double sided board
Front Reverse
A Magnetic board Magnetic board
B Pin board Pin board
C Whiteboard (enamel) (max. W = 120 cm) Whiteboard (enamel) (max. W = 120 cm)
D Magnetic board (max. W = 120 cm) Whiteboard (enamel) (max. W = 120 cm)
The width of the swivel board is determined by the width of the map.
You can choose the order in which the maps appear.

Swivel Unit

The Swivel Unit turns at 180°.
It's available with 6 boards.

Swivel Unit 2

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