The Medina of Marrakesh is the city’s historic heart. Medinacarte, a Moroccan publisher, shows this famous place on a large, well-presented and very detailed street plan with a wealth of tourist information.

Marrakesh Medina front Marrakesh Medina rear

Unlike other maps of Marrakesh, this plan names not only the main streets within the Medina but also smaller ones, including over 400 derb passages. Coloring differentiates between buildings of traditional or modern architecture, indicates public parks or gardens, street markets, etc. Symbols mark various facilities: over 600 hotels and guesthouses, cafes and restaurants, banks, ranks for taxis or horse drawn carriages, public phones and internet cafes, medical help, etc. The route of the cross-Medina bus line is shown with stops. Streets with souks and markets are highlighted, indicating what goods are sold there and where appropriate, doors which are locked at night.

The ramparts, the Koutoubia Mosque, the kasbah, the Saâdians tombs, the ruins of Badiâ Palace, Menara water feature and pavilion, are examples of many monuments that clearly reflect the Outstanding Universal Value of the property. The authenticity of the inner urban structure and of the monuments remains intact.

There is an index of streets and derbs, a list of hotels and guesthouses marked on it, plus a list of GPS coordinates for 36 important buildings and locations within the area. On the back cover of the map there are two at-a-glance plans highlighting locations of main points of interest and of the Medina’s gates and districts. Map legend and accompanying text are in French and English.

It would be worth anyone buying even if one did not ever intend to go to Marrakech. But once you start to look at it, a bit like flying over the city in a light aeroplane, you would feel that somehow you really must go!

Please note: this map covers just the Medina area of Marrakesh, the rest of the city is not included.

  • Craenen code: DIV.92
  • ISBN: 9780992612504
  • Scale: 1/2900
  • Currently in reprint
    Marrakesh Medina mini front
    Marrakech Medina Mini
  • Craenen code: DIV.93
  • ISBN: 9780992612511
  • Scale: 1/4900
  • Same content as the large map, only 600 Guest Houses have been removed
  • Easier to use format

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