Reise Know-How

REISE KNOW HOW VERLAG is a German publisher of maps and guides (German language). In 2001 they started their "World Mapping Project", an extensive series of maps at varying scales, aiming to provide coverage of countries and regions worldwide (over 180 titles covering destinations from Alaska to the Congo, from New Zealand to Lake Baikal and from Java to the Azores) using clear, well presented cartography with both topographic and tourist information.

Key Points of the "World Mapping Project" maps:

  • Maps are printed on PolyArt, and waterproof and tear-resistant.
  • The maps are drawn by German and Swiss cartographers to meet the highest standards in accuracy and usability.
  • The accuracy and the geographic grid allow to use them together with GPS devices.
  • Large scale maps also offer UTM-Grid.
  • The maps have contour lines and colored contour layers.
  • Clear modern layout.
  • Easy-to-access touristic information: a wide range of symbols highlights various places of interest.
  • Useful information such as hotels, camping’s, National Parks etc...
  • Road network and railways are easy to see on a clear base, including unsurfaced roads and tracks, indicating locations of border crossings.
  • Map legend in 5 languages, including English.


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