National Geographic Institute of Belgium
War maps

As 2014 is the year of the commemoration of World War I, the National Geographic Institute of Belgium and the Royal Army museum have published a special remembrance map aside their well known maps "In Flanders Fields Belgium" and "Belgium - Battlefield of Europe":

from LIEGE to the YSER and the SOMME

This map gives an overview of the large troop movements and concentrations, as well as more detailed information about the atrocities committed by the occupier, the forts and trenches which can be visited today etc. Along with the quadrilingual manual gives the map a clear picture of how the soldiers and the civilian population by then went through World War 1.

Tourists that plan a trip to the "Westhoek" as well historians who want to deepen in this period, find here a wealth of information.

  • Scale: various scales
  • Product: double sided map with guide
  • Languages: Dutch, French, German, English
  • Order Code: NGIB.TOE.1418
  • ISBN: 9789462350748


Military heritage of West Flanders

The Western Front in Flanders on a detailed map at 1:100,000 highlighting locations of numerous monuments, cemeteries, front lines and other WWI-related sites, listed in the accompanying panels with, where appropriate, their phone numbers. The map is double-sided but all the main WWI battlefields from the French border to beyond Passendale/Paschendaele are together on one side.

The map shows the present-day road and rail networks in the province of West Flanders. Extensive overprint highlights locations of WWI-related sites, indicating whether open to the general public or by appointment only: museums, military cemeteries, war memorials and monuments to the missing soldiers, bunkers and battery remains, etc. Sites in France in the immediate vicinity of the Belgian border are also marked. The overprint also indicates battlefields and fortifications from other periods of history of Flanders, from the Middle Ages to WWI.

A small panel with a basic street plan of Ypres/Ieper highlights locations of 22 conflict-related sites including the Menin Gate and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The map is accompanied by extensive lists of museums, cemeteries and other sites, with where appropriate, contact details (but unfortunately not cross-referenced to their locations on the map itself). Four small insets show the changing front lines during various stages of WWI, and the map is illustrated by numerous colour photos of mostly WWI-related sites. Map legend and all the relevant text include English.

  • Scale: 1:100 000
  • Product: double sided map
  • Languages: Dutch, French, German, English
  • Order Code: NGIB.TOE.803
  • ISBN: 9789059347403



Belgium with military cemeteries and war memorials, battle sites and defense lines, military museums and forts, castles and fortified churches, etc., from the terrible conflicts of the XX century through Waterloo back to the Middle Ages.

Using as a base its double-sided road map of the country at 1:250,000 Belgium’s national survey organization has produced a map highlighting the history of conflicts. Extensive range of symbols show locations of both Allied and German military cemeteries, Memorials to the Missing in 1914-1918, defense fortifications including the Maginot Line, battle sites and fortified encampments, military museums and citadels, castle and fortified churches, etc.

Coverage extends to north-western France to show the northern part of the Somme battlefields. In its south-eastern corner the map extends just beyond the present French/Belgian border, so Verdun and the eastern part of the Maginot line are not included. In the north, coverage of the Netherlands extends to ‘s-Hertogenbosch.


The map has latitude and longitude margin ticks and is illustrated with numerous photos. Also included are lists of abbreviations and of lines of defense bunkers. Map legend and all the text include English.

  • Scale: 1:250 000
  • Product: double sided map
  • Languages: Dutch, French, German, English
  • Order Code: NGIB.TOE.1-MIL
  • ISBN: 9789059349063

NGIB_TOE_1-MIL detail


At the request of the Belgium Institute for Veterans the Ordnance Survey of Belgium published a great historical overview of the detention places of Nazi Germany during World War II.

The map on a scale of 1:1 200 000 shows from the west of Belgium to the Polish- Russian border in the east and from the north of Germany to the south of Austria , the localization of 2100 detention places, located in the territory of the Third Reich. The map locates 21 concentration camps, six extermination camps, 67 re-education camps, 70 transit or labor camps for racial deportation, 798 commands (camps belonging to concentration camps), 509 prisons, 95 Stalags (prison camps), 46 Oflags (prison camps for officers) and 498 other camps.

The map is the most comprehensive of its kind. The accurate historic information has been compiled by professional researchers under the leadership of the Reminder section of the Institute for Veterans , and the department of Special Works of the NGI took the cartography section for its account.


  • Scale: 1:1 200 000
  • Product: color double sided map
  • Languages: Dutch, French, German, English
  • Order Code: NGIB.GDS.CAMP
  • ISBN: 9789059349162