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GEOTOYS is an American / German manufacturer of jigsaw puzzles. One of their brands is:

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From Afghanistan and Belgium to Venezuela and Zimbabwe, multiple award-winning GeoPuzzles make learning geography fun! Each GeoPuzzle has pieces shaped like countries, and helps to build fine motor, cognitive, language, and problem-solving skills.
GeoPuzzle World has 68 pieces, with pieces shaped like individual countries and groups of countries. The outside of the puzzle forms a frame to keep the rest of the pieces, which are country-shaped, in place.

GeoPuzzle World has 68 pieces, and is a jumbo-sized 660 mm x 315 mm (26 x 12.5 inches).
GeoPuzzle Europe has 58 pieces, and is 483 mm x 406 mm (19 x 16 inches).

These jigsaw puzzles are made in Germany from recycled materials and are developed for children aged 4 and Up.

Geopuzzle World Geopuzzle Europe

Also available: jigsaw puzzle of UK & Ireland: 97 pieces and size 406 mm x 483 mm.

Geopuzzle UK

Also available
50 pieces - 483 x 406 mm
Geopuzzel Asia
65 pieces - 432 x 432 mm
Geopuzzel Afrika
Latin America
50 pieces - 432 x 432 mm
Geopuzzel Latin America

Also available: jigsaw puzzle of France: 93 pieces and size 438 mm x 438 mm (in French).

Geopuzzle France

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