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Kycio is one of the top in the world of accessories for books (book lights, magnifying glasses, etc...) and in the market of impulse-driven purchases and gifts.
They also have a lot to offer in the area of innovative packaging and stylish presentation capabilities.

Be enlightened whilst reading!

Book Lights

Book Lights

Desk Lamps

Desk Lamps


Led Pocket magnifier x3 en x6 Powerful eye loupe x10 Magnifying sheet A4 x3 Led Bifocal magnifier x3 en x6

Magnetic Bookmarks

Leisure Travel Alice de Page Muzic Cats Zen Arrows Silicon

Multi-functional Bookstand

Currently out of production

The convenient multifunctional wooden Bookstand of Kycio is beautifully finished. The bookstand has three different positions and is suitable for book or tablet. Very handy for multi-tasking!

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