The BalancePlanet

The Balanceplanet is a handmade, tactile 3D globe with a maximum diameter of 75 cm (30 inch.). The outside material is a stretchy fabric showing a detailed and colorful geography of the world. The printed fabric is a durable, washable, elastic material, which perfectly fits as a detachable sleeve. The inside houses a high quality inflatable balance-ball.


  • 100% unique
  • 100% touchable
  • 100% skillfully
  • 100% trendsetting

The Balanceplanet has been developed by Mac Reijers, founder/owner of R. Map productions B.V. from Veghel, Netherlands. Mac R. has produced specialized cartography for over 25 years. Complex information is converted to user friendly and graphically appealing maps. Priority is given to geographical accuracy and ease of use and the Balanceplanet characterizes both aspects.

Zitbal op school

The Balanceplanet is a tactile bulb that can be used in different ways: you can use it as a sit ball or as a design element in a living or office space or as a study element in school etc. ... This enticing, tangible globe teaches children to learn to know the world playfully. Search the countries, find the capital cities, discover the world's oceans…. Experience the unique, vibrant design, where the depth lines of the oceans of the world especially stand out. Sit, lie or roll around the world. That's really an experience. It doesn’t matter how you use this giant world: with the Balanceplanet you will discover the earth in a unique way! It's a gadget, a real "eye-catcher" or just a usable globe...

In Living room
The Balanceplanet:
  • do not use on uneven surface or unhygienic, damp, color emitting environment.
  • do not expose the ball to full sunlight.
  • always clean by hand wash on up to 30°C with a detergent for fine fabrics.
  • compact packing.
  • English version.
  • hand made and produced in the Benelux.

Wooden MDF display separately available

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