Climbing maps

People who explore the world's mountains hiking, trekking or climbing will find out that for many destinations, good topographical maps are still not available. There is often abundant choice of books and travel guides for many of the most interesting mountains but the quality of the available topographical maps doesn't satisfy the mountaineer's needs. Based on this circumstance we had the idea to develop thematic climbing maps of mountains with a high touristy importance. Within the project climbing-map we elaborate climbing-maps worldwide. A topographic map with thematic contents is a good help of orientation for mountaineers and trekking tourists out of the entire world.

Based on our professional experiences we know the important cartographic and mountaineering aspects to be respected in order to fulfil the expectations of the users.

Maps are professionally designed, similar to the Swiss topographical maps. They are polyglot and easy to understand for everybody.

The topographical copy of the landscape is as exact as possible. We consider all available and exact information of our professional topographical field work. Furthermore the maps also include important mountaineering- and geographic information.

Maps are carefully finished and include high quality pictures, general maps and drawings. Therefore our maps are not only a useful tool for tourists but also a very welcome souvenir.


  • Topographic maps with climbing routes
  • Drawings and descriptions of climbing routes
  • City maps, village maps, overview maps
  • GPS information
  • Illustrations about climate and vegetation

Climbing Maps

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