Iceland - Vegahandbokin

Iceland Road Guide

New edition

A complete road and reference guide

The Iceland Road Guide has been travelling for 40 years in the vehicles of Icelanders and foreigners alike, and has been steadily improved and updated with every new edition. Texts, figures, photos and maps will guide you on your travels around the country, adding to your memories when returning home.

Iceland Road Guide App is included
In the new 2015 edition, Iceland Road Guide App is included. The App reflects the book and it's with a map browser.
It's available for phones and pads (iOS 7.1 or newer and Android 4.3 and newer)

Easy – to – use atlas
This edition now includes a detailed 24-page atlas, on a scale of 1:500 000. This is above all a road atlas, using information from the Icelandic Road Administration, it also shows places which offer accommodation, camping, swimming, natural baths, golfing and skiing, as well as museums, exhibitions, tourist information, other public centres and a great deal more.

Extensive Information:

  • Detailed maps of the entire Icelandic road system
  • Street maps of towns and villages
  • Eyjafjallajökull
  • Vatnajökull National Park
  • Icelandic horse, sheep, cattle, dogs and goats
  • Icelandic Food
  • Geothermal Pools
  • Lava Caves
  • Iceland's Hidden World
  • Facts about Iceland
  • Information Centres
  • National Museum
  • Distances between places
  • Civil Protection – Natural Disaster
  • Detailed 24 pages Atlas
  • Index of 3000 place names
  • Safe Travel
  • Information on accomodation, petrol stations
  • ...

The "Iceland Road Guide" is your key to Iceland, in one handy volume, now with APP.

Also available in German.

Iceland Road Guide

New Map with App on the market:

Iceland Road Guide touring map

Iceland Road Guide Touring Map with APP 1:500 000

The map is available in three languages: English, German & French.

Ten reasons why to buy this map:
  • High quality overall map of the country in the scale 1:500 000 with the latest official update about the road system.
  • Important tourist information on the map such as accommodation, camping sites, museums, filling stations, swimming pools, boat tours etc.
  • Photos and information for 34 tourist attractions around the country.
  • Explanation of Icelandic place names.
  • Night & daylight scheme.
  • List of volcanic eruptions from the year 1700 – 2014.
  • Some interesting facts about Iceland.
  • Useful information of how to drive in Iceland.
  • Distance table.
  • Place name index.

Iceland Road Guide Touring Map with App – a splendid travel companion in Iceland.

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