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Huber Kartographie produces more than 45 years innovative, high precision maps, with as only goal: happy customers. Huber develops solutions in the area of cartography, printing, geo-information and modern media. They collect geo-data, convert it (using GIS), generate digital terrain models and create complete solutions for internet, mobile apps and they develop intellegent tools for cartography.

World wall map: Peters projection

Surfaces are correctly represented on a world map that is using the Peters projection.
This will change your view on the world.

German version:
  • Craenen code: HUBP.DE.W
  • ISBN: 9783940686206

Welt Peters

French version:
The French version of this world map is upside-down and pacific centered.
  • Craenen code: HUBP.FR.M
  • ISBN: 9783940686213

Monde Peters


North America road atlas detail North America road atlas
North America road atlas

This user-friendly road atlas is characterized by a modern cartography. The spiral binding provides the best possible handling and the scales provide optimal orientation.

The cccmaps Road Atlas Canada, USA, Mexico - The manual for roads in North America.

  • Craenen code: HUB.A.20
  • ISBN: 9783943752267
  • N° of pages: 342

General maps

Carpathian Mountains Carpathian Mnts. Detail Carpathian Mnts.
  • Craenen code: HUB.030
  • ISBN: 9783943752274
  • Scale: 1/1M

Overview: Carpathian Mnts. Overview

  • Craenen code: HUB.050
  • ISBN: 9783940686169
  • Scale: 1/225.000

Rumania Serbia Iron Gate
  • Craenen code: HUB.120
  • ISBN: 9783940686107
  • Scale: 1/260.000
Rumania Serbia Iron Gate

Serbia & Montenegro
  • Craenen code: HUB.150
  • ISBN: 9788685857003
  • Scale: 1/400.000
Serbia & Montenegro

City Maps

Qatar & Doha

City plan with tourist information with a special folding system. Available in English or German.

  • Craenen code: HUB.C.80
  • ISBN: 9783940686121
  • Language: German
Qatar Doha German
  • Craenen code: HUB.C.85
  • ISBN: 9783940686084
  • Language: English
Qatar Doha English

Qatar Doha Detail

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