Carpets - Exclusive Edition

The collection Exclusive Edition is an innovative carpet collection in terms of material and available colors. This young, modern / classic collection aims at trend-sensitive dynamic clients who value their interior and like change.

From the wide range of the Exclusive Edition collection Craenen BVBA offers a selection of flat-woven carpets with a beautiful cartography of the world. The carpets are an eye-catcher in any interior.

Features of the flat woven carpets:
  • Non-woven back, with anti slip dots
  • Finishing: hemmed
  • Printing: without color limit, photo quality
  • Environmentally friendly solvent-free ink
  • Standards EN71 part 1, 2, 3
  • Dimensions: 140 x 200 cm

Chart of the world - mercator's projection

  • Craenen code: TAP.EE.358
  • EAN code: 5414869841288

Chart of the World decor Chart of the World

Johnson's world - mercator's projection

  • Craenen code: TAP.EE.360
  • EAN code: 5414869841301

Johnson's world decor Johnson's world

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