Kasprowski Maps

Kasprowski Maps is a publisher, located at the Island of St. Martin, renowned for their maps of the Caribbean Islands.
Every new edition is revised for accuracy and completeness based on the company's own surveying and official documents from local governments.

Published Island maps:

Code Description Scale ISBN/EAN
CARAIB.0100Anguilla (British West Indies)1/259791095793045
CARAIB.0200Antigua / Barbuda1/30-1/359791095793052
CARAIB.0700Dominica (Commonwealth of)1/409791095793076
CARAIB.0800Providenciales (Provo) / Turks & Caicos Islands1/259791095793069
CARAIB.0900Saba (Dutch Caribbean)1/79791095793137
CARAIB.1000Saint-Barthélemy/St. Barth's (French Caribbean)1/109791095793090
CARAIB.1100Saint Eustatius/Statia (Dutch Caribbean)1/109791095793106
CARAIB.1200Saint Kitts / Nevis1/30-1/209791095793113
CARAIB.1300Saint Lucia - Caribbean1/459791095793083
CARAIB.1400Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten (French & Dutch Caribbean)1/159791095793144

Antigua - Barbuda All the maps show the following features:
  • Complete road network with street-level detail of the entire island;
  • Full street and road index;
  • Insets of main cities;
  • Attractive full colour layout;
  • Rich topographic detail;
  • Legend and scale;
  • Depth curves, soundings in meters, longitude and latitude lines and other identifiers.

Points of interest shown on the maps, such as:
  • Restaurants and hotels mapped and indexed;
  • Hiking trails and biking routes;
  • Diving sites and depths with index, snorkeling spots, shipwrecks;
  • Beaches, water sports areas, kayaking trails, mooring locations;
  • Scenic views, nature reserves, protected zones, bird refuge and watching areas, sea turtle nesting sites, melon cactus fields, reefs, geological formations, other natural attractions;
  • Historic sites with dates, sugar mill vestiges, churches, cemeteries, tourist offices, information panels;
  • National and international airports, bridges, lighthouses, marinas, ports, ferry lines, parking areas, gas stations, and other points of interest.

An overview map with the whole Caribbean region has been published as well:

Caribbean, Central America, Virgin Islands, Bahamas with Cruise Line Ports of Call 1:4.000.000

Code Description Scale ISBN/EAN
CARAIB.0500Caribbean (incl. Central America, Virgin Islands & Bahamas) 1/4M 9791095793007
whole Caribbean

This map (Scale 1:4.000.000) includes all of the Caribbean islands - both the Greater and Lesser Antilles, the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas. Central America is covered from the Yucatan and Guatemala through Panama. All of Florida is also depicted, as are the coastal regions of Colombia and Venezuela. The map is detailed as no other map of this region on the market. Sold folded, its full unfolded format is 67 cm x 98 cm.

This map also contains other major features:
  • Enlarged insets of the Panama Canal and 36 Caribbean islands;
  • Over 100 cruise line ports of call;
  • Major cities, main and secondary roads, national and international airports, lighthouses, reefs, national parks, ports, volcanoes, and other places of interest;
  • International boundaries.
whole Caribbean

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