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Imagimake is dedicated to help children express themselves creatively. Their range of toys offer a unique, constructive & fulfilling experience that win the hearts of not only the child but also the parent!


Foam puzzles of the World and Europe, with country shaped puzzle pieces.

Imagimake World and Europe


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A unique and fun foam puzzle to learn the 100 largest countries in the world.

All country pieces are cut in the shape of the country as per political map and snugly fit with each other to create the World Map.

Entertaining for all ages and helps improve geographical knowledge

  • 3 pieces foam puzzle frame set
  • 65 country pieces
  • Instructions
Imagimake World example1
Imagimake World example2


This map puzzle takes you to a journey through the European Continent. It contains one foam frame set, 32 puzzle pieces cut in the shape of the respective country to understand what fits where.

One by one assemble all the pieces and you have your Mapology Europe ready, play again and again to master your geography.

This product helps enhance:
  • Memory & Learning
  • Pattern Recognition & Problem Solving
  • Eye-hand coordination

Imagimake Europe example


Worldwide Monuments on the Map

A unique playset which combines model making, puzzles and games. Create miniature (3-5 inch) models of 13 Monuments including 7 Wonders of the World.

Comes with a fun and educational games and activity book.
  • 13 Foam Monuments Sets
  • 1 Write & Wipe Map
  • Duster
  • Marker
  • 1 Booklet
  • Glue
  • Instructions
  • 1 pre-made model

Colours & results may vary from these illustrated
Imagimake Worldwide Monuments on the map-fixed

Imagimake Worldwide Monuments on the map-box
Imagimake Worldwide Monuments on the map-fix stick play