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Karttakeskus celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2019.
On May 1, 1919, the Young Independent Finnish Land Survey was charged with the task of making high-quality maps for the new state: Karttakeskus was born.
One hundred years have gone through many changes, from a state institution to a private company, the last change being the joining of the Tapio Group in July 2018. What has been common for a hundred years has been the accumulation of experience and know-how along the way. Karttakeskus is a leading expert in its field in Finland.
Nowadays Karttakeskus products are more diverse than ever. Versatile map production is still the basis, but hiking, tourism and nature information make up a large part of Karttakeskus production.

In the program you will find outdoor maps, water touring maps and road maps as well as a wide selection of hiking and tourism guides. The latest extension is a rich selection of nature and forest information.

Welcome to the Karttakeskus world!

Road atlas Finland

Detail: (click for a larger image)
Detail Atlas Finland

GT Finland road atlas

The GT Road Atlas Finland is full of information for motorists and tourists. The maps are up-to-date, reliable and made in Finland by Karttakeskus.

In the Atlas you can find the road maps of the whole Finland in scales 1:200.000 (Southern Finland) and 1:250.000 (Northern Finland). Over 50 city maps in scale 1:40.000 cover the main urban areas and tourist localities.

The GT Road Atlas Finland is easy to read and the legend is in Finnish, Swedish, English and German. The Atlas contains a place name index of over 60.000 names.

Overview of the maps in the atlas:

Outdoor - Cycling maps

The Outdoor GT Series has plenty of information to offer for travellers during any season. The maps focus on cycling, paddling, hiking and snowmobile trips, so it is a useful outdoor map both in summer and in winter. The series devides Finland in 4 parts: Southern (will be published in 2019), Western and Eastern Finland at scale 1:250.000 and the map of Northern Finland at scale 1:400.000.
For cyclists, the map has cycling routes with information on if they are paved or unpaved. Paddlers will find information on kayak and canoe trails, dangerous rapids and portage trails. To help hikers plan their journey, the map shows extensively the various marked hiking trails and wilderness huts in the area.

There is a separate cycling map and guide for the Rengastie Archipelago. For a bike ride on the most beautiful archipelago of Finland.
The handy folded bike map and guide (all-in-one) for the archipelago presents the most popular cycling route in Finland.
Contains a high quality route map at scale 1:150.000, so it is not necessary to purchase a separate map for the excursion.

Click on the covers for more detail or for a full view of the map:

Zuid-Finland Oost-Finland West-Finland Noord-Finland Rengastie

Outdoor maps Finland

Maps for outdoor activities in Finland, since 1937.
The well-known Finnish outdoor maps of Karttakeskus cover the most interesting hiking areas all over Finland with the best distribution of map sheets.Our first outdoor map was published as early as 1937, and our long experience of over 80 years is reflected in our quality products.

From the beginning of 2016, the outdoor maps have been printed on excellent waterproof and tear-resistant material. New durable maps are identified by the yellow mark on the cover of the map.

Our map material is completely waterproof and has almost infinite folding and does not tear in normal map use. It also retains its properties in frost and heat. The map is pleasant to the touch and lighter than paper.

Overview map (click on the map for a bigger image):
OM Overview

Some examples:
Halti Kilpisjärvi Hossa Nuuksio Luukki Saariselkä Sokosti Kuusamo

Tourist map 1:150.000 - Åland Islands

Åland Islands / Ahvenanmaa The tourist map of Åland Islands covers the entire provincial area in a scale of 1:150.000 (1 cm on the map = 1.5 km of terrain), and it is ideally suited for both car and bike tourists’ use. The difference the new map has to its predecessor is that is also includes the eastern island provinces of Kumlinge, Sottunga, Kökar and Brändö in the same scale as the other municipalities of the main island of Åland. In addition, there is a city map of the centre of Mariehamn in the scale of 1:40.000 at the edge of the map.

The tourist map is based on the National Land Survey of Finland’s road map material, which has been enlarged for easier readability. A lot of interesting information for tourists and cyclists has been presented on the map, such as biking and hiking routes, attractions, accommodation, restaurants, museums, visitor ports and the routes of connecting vessels.

A new addition to the map is the fact that ten attractions in the area have been marked and they have been described in a few sentences at the edge of the map. This aims to offer the area's best experiences to map users, who are less familiar with the area.

The map is bilingual (Finnish and Swedish) and includes a map legend in English, German and Russian.

Topographic maps 1:50.000 - Lapland

Weatherproof folded terrain maps for many uses.

The topo maps are folded terrain maps of Finland printed on waterproof and non-tear material. The maps withstand heavy use and folding, and won't break even under harsh conditions.

The map layout is tailored to the needs of the hiker, so a topo map is the best choice for areas in Lapland that are popular with hikers, fishermen, and hunters, which have not been published as outdoor maps.

The base material is the Land Survey Database of the National Land Survey of Finland, and the content of the data corresponds to traditional basic paper terrain maps. In addition, the maps show free accessible areas and nature reserves with different symbols, and the mapped area also continues in Norway and Sweden in the border areas.

There are 12 map sheets from all over Lapland at scale 1:50.000.

  • waterproof material; printed on one side
  • Map sheet size: 100 x 70 cm, folded: 11 x 23 cm
  • scale 1:50.000

Overview map (click on the map for a bigger, more detailed image):
T50 Overview

Some examples:
Kaaresuvanto Näätämöjoki Nunnanen Tsarmitunturi Tuntsa

Tsarmitunturi detail

Water touring maps

A brand new map series made of waterproof and tear resistant material. When folded, the compact map is easy to handle and store on the boat. When open, the map shows a wide area and is ideal for route planning and for use in combination with digital maps.

The clear maps are based on marine map data published by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, supplemented by land survey material from the Land Survey of Finland. The Karttakeskus water touring maps are not official nautical maps approved by the Finnish Transport and Communications Authority and are not intended for navigation.

  • waterproof material; printed on one side
  • Map sheet size 100 x 70 cm, folded 11 x 23 cm
  • scale in the sea area 1:60.000, inland waters 1:50.000 (Lake Näsijärvi 1:40.000)

Overview map (click on the map for a larger, more detailed image):
WTM Overview

Some examples:
Kuopio Kallavesi Vehmersalmi Padasjoki Kuhmoinen Sysmä Pori Reposaari Rauma Suur-Saimaa Lappeenranta Imatra Helsinki Karhusaari Porkkala

Road maps

General road map of Finland

Finland / Suomi Road map
The whole of Finland at a glance

Finland is shown at scale 1:1.600.000. On one side of the printed map you can see the whole country from Hanko to Utsjoki and from Åland to Ilomantsi.

  • Folded single-sided map sheet
  • Size: 60 x 83.5 cm, folded: 10 x 21 cm
  • a unified map of Finland

Tourist/Travel map and guide of Finland

Travel map + guide (English) Travel map + guide (Finnish)
Finland Travel Map + Guide Suomi Tourist Map + Guide

A sustainable map and guide for Finland

The two-sided map of Finland is at scale 1:1.000.000, and is marked with main roads with road numbers and plenty of names. The map also serves as a travel guide, as the map shows 90 points of interest from all over Finland with text and pictures. Items are also marked on the map.

The map is available in Finnish or English.

  • folded and laminated double-sided map
  • Size: 100 x 48 cm, folded: 11 x 24 cm

RM Overview

Regional maps

The whole of Finland is divided into four GT road maps

Large, double-sided map sheets cover a wide area for easy route planning.
Southern, Western and Eastern Finland are at scale 1:250.000 and Northern Finland is at scale 1:400.000.
The maps show all available roads with road type information as well as road numbers and distances.
The maps also have many names and a wealth of nature and tourist information.

  • Folded double-sided map sheet
  • Southern, Western and Eastern Finland 121 x 85 cm, Northern Finland 99 x 70 cm, folded size: 11.5 x 21.5 cm

Southern Finland Eastern Finland Western Finland Northern Finland
Finland South Finland East Finland West Finland North

City Map & Guide of Helsinki

A sustainable map and guide of the capital
Helsinki City Map & Guide
The travel guide introduces 30 destinations with text, pictures and web addresses. The map of Helsinki's downtown is on a scale of 1:15.000 and the center of the city is a very detailed map of 1:5.000.
A tramline map and a general map of the entire metropolitan area (1:100.000) make it easier to travel in the area around the capital. The guide also includes a map extract from Suomenlinna.
The street name index covers the inner city.
The target texts are in Finnish and English, and in addition the legend is in Swedish, German, French, Estonian and Russian.

  • folded and laminated double-sided map & travel guide
  • Size 68 x 45 cm and folded 9.5 x 22 cm

Travel guides Finland

Hiking in Finland

Hiking in Finland
Finland is an outstandingly good destination for a nature tourist, and this book tells you everything you need to know about hiking or just visiting the great outdoors there.

The versatile landscapes, with vast forests, thousands of lakes, magnificent islands, and the stark but beautiful treeless fells of Lapland, are just made for hiking. There are thousands of kilometres of marked trails, with thousands of campfire sites along them.

The book advises on the outdoor skills needed in the various seasons of the year in the north, the Finnish hiking culture, Everyman's Rights, and also the interesting flora and fauna and history along the trails. The very best hiking destinations in Finland are also described. A total of over one hundred day trails and more than a dozen multi-day trails are described. A GPX track has been created for each of these, accessible through a QR code given in the book.

There is a multitude of colour photos and good topographic maps in the book.

Northern Lights of Finland

Northern Lights of Finland Northern Lights of Finland exhibits the fascination of aurora borealis through magnicent photographs and illustrative texts. The book contains dozens of photos demonstrating the multitude of shapes and colours that can be seen in the Finnish night sky.

The basic information and captions are translated into seven other languages and can be found at the end of the book.

Forests of Finland

Forests of Finland Through breathtaking photograps and descriptive texts, Forests of Finland presents the diversity and magnificence of the nature in Finnish forests - its flora and fauna. Each of the four seasons offers something brand new to see and experience. Join us for a magical trip to the beautiful forests of Finland.

The captions are translated into seven other languages and can be found at the end of the book.

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