Protective face mask

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Facemask Since the month of March we all live and work in a new era driven and controlled by the Corona virus. Our traditional way of working has drastically changed by the many adapted rules. Keeping your distance, wearing mouth masks, little varied social contacts, etc... All these rules do not facilitate for us to carry out our activities.
The logical consequence is that a number of companies change / adapt their production or part of their production to the new needs. One of our suppliers, Wooden City, is an example of this. Among other things, they have started manufacturing protective masks with the underlying idea that many do not like to wear a traditional mouth mask all day long.
Facemask Front
Transparent face mask / Protective mask

The mask has an adjustable headband for easy wearing.
It can be safely cleaned with alcohol-based disinfectants.
Mounting instructions included (easy to assemble yourself).

Characteristics of the product:
  • Reduces the risk of contact with germs, viruses and bacteria
  • Adjustable width
  • The spacer belt allows air to circulate without compromising its protective function
  • Comfortable to wear due to the lightness of the product
  • Multiple usage
  • Universal dimensions
  • Made in the EU

Mounting instructions (Follow Version B on the included instructions):
Facemask up Facemask down
  • Tear off the foil on BOTH sides of each element
  • Pull the white rubber band firmly
  • To clean the protective mask, use a microfiber cloth, water with a detergent or alcohol-based disinfectant
  • Clean both sides

  • Craenen code: FACEMASK.01
  • EAN code: 5903641494045
  • Minimal purchase: 3 pcs

Facemask Side view

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