Learning Tube

A New Generation of Educational Board Games!

K-Toyz, is a young Greek company that invests in creativity, innovation, development and the production of games that promote values, knowledge and experiences. The games are based on timeless ideas and have a unique identity. K-Toyz uses new technologies that offer new innovative, interactive choices that take traditional board games to a new level.

K-toyz brings a new series of games to the market under the name Learning Tube

Making learning fun

Learning Tube is an interactive educational game in which everyone can actively participate and gain knowledge. The games nurture a philosophy and an attitude to life, for people who want to develop, learn, be interactive, gain new experiences and be active in a modern society!

Flags of the World
card game

  • Craenen code: KTOYZ.LT008
  • EAN code: 5214001024070

Capitals of the World
card game

  • Craenen code: KTOYZ.LT009
  • EAN code: 5214001024087

Inventors of the World
card game

  • Craenen code: KTOYZ.LT010
  • EAN code: 5214001024094

Monuments of the World
card game

  • Craenen code: KTOYZ.LT011
  • EAN code: 5214001024100

Tastes of the World
card game

  • Craenen code: KTOYZ.LT012
  • EAN code: 5214001024117

Traffic Signs of the World
card game

Traffic Signs
  • Craenen code: KTOYZ.LT013
  • EAN code: 5214001024124

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6 Tube table display stand

Stand specs:
  • Dimensions: 27 x 18 x 39.5 cm
  • Full color, mat laminated
  • 2 Levels for 6 Learning tubes
  • Hidden message behind the tubes: "Oops! ...a Learning Tube is missing!"

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