The most realistic world globes, anywhere!
EarthBalls are the most visually authentic world globes available throughout the known Universe, featuring our home planet as seen from outer Space.
Orbis World Globes is the world’s original designer / creator of photorealistic world globes.

Craenen has the 40 cm and 1 meter EarthBalls in the program. Each is packaged with the 20 page Global Handbook.

Original creator of NASA image globes
Inspired by photos of the whole Earth taken by the Apollo astronauts, EarthBalls feature NASA’s ‘Blue Marble’ satellite image. The Earthballs gives you a view of Earth from outer space. Now everyone can appreciate the incredible beauty of our home planet.

40 cm Earthball

Earthball 40 Earthball 40

1 m Earthball

Earthball 1m Earthball 1m

Earthball 1m Earthball 1m

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