Stichting Recreatief Fietsen - Recreational Cycling Foundation

The S.R.F. (Recreational Cycling Foundation) was founded in 1999 and is an autonomous, not for profit organisation, with no members, donors or sponsors.

Round trips from one place: 'Cycling from...' was the largest series of route booklets produced by the foundation.

The series was discontinued because the objective of 'getting people on their bicycles from their own hometown' had been amply achieved and an entire network of cycling nodes was rolled out in the Netherlands. The foundation's horizons have expanded to include cycling routes in Europe, where ideally the start and end points can be reached by public transport.

Cycling guides for European Routes

Discover Europe by bike...

All routes published by S.R.F. are descriptive, rather than signposted routes. The directions in the guides are concise. The booklets are fully illustrated with high quality photos and route maps produced by the foundation itself.

Key features:
  • clear route description (in Dutch)
  • all kinds of practical information about interesting sites along the way
  • accommodation
  • how to get there
  • maps and GPS
  • nature
  • useful (internet) addresses
  • height profiles etc.
The booklets are 130 x 210 mm, bound with a practical spiral binding and fit in any handlebar bag. With each new reprint, the routes are checked and changes are made to reflect current traffic situations. By printing in small runs, the routes remain up-to-date. GPS tracking of all cycling guides can be downloaded for free.

Bourgondiƫ Canal du Midi en Garonne Frontlijn WO1
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