Bikeline/Hikeline by Esterbauer Verlag


Cycling guides

Long-distance cycle routes in many European countries in a series of map-guides from Esterbauer Verlag (Austrian Publisher), usually referred to as the “Bikeline” series, with detailed mapping showing the route and its variants, plus extensive information conveyed by symbols, indicating road surface, campsites and other accommodation, cycle repair workshops, recreational facilities, places of interest, information on towns along each route etc.
All the titles have text in German only, unless specifically described as an English edition.
Map legend includes English and the information provided on the maps is sufficient to use these guides without any knowledge of German.

Easy handling with maximum information

  • weatherproof, tear proof and wipeable
  • scale 1:50.000 or 1:75.000
  • protected spiral binding
  • accurate topographical map
  • numerous city and local plans
  • height profiles
  • tourist information with points of interest
  • comprehensive accommodation list
  • thoroughly researched and permanently updated
  • a lot of background information

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bikeline cycling guides

Cycling guides compact squared

  • size: 12 x 12 cm
  • paperback
  • GPS tracks for download
  • correct maps
  • scale: 1:50.000
  • height profiles
  • city plans
  • compact pocket size
  • thoroughly checked and regularly updated
  • list of accommodations with details

Content of the compact cycling guides:

The compact guides in square pocket format contain correct maps and additional information about tourist attractions, cities, accommodations, tips and variants on the main route.

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bikeline compact guides

Cycling maps

  • cycle paths and routes with information about road surface and traffic density
  • selected street names
  • precise gradient and distance information
  • selection of the most important tourist information
  • waterproof and tear-resistant paper
  • thoroughly researched and permanently updated
  • scale 1:75.000

Map content:
With the cartographic route information you can start your trip confidently, because all the necessary information is already compiled for you: road surface (paved or unpaved), traffic density, hill slopes, distance information, tourist infrastructure such as inns and lodging establishments, as well as the cultural and scenic attractions of the region.

Durable and waterproof!
These new maps are printed on high quality, durable and water-resistant material. They withstand every rain shower and are also long lasting. Simply unfold the wet map to let it dry.

RK wasserfest

bikeline radkarten

Cycle tour maps

User-friendly, durable and informative!

These handy and at the same time extremely robust cycle tour maps are the ideal companion for cycling the scenic areas around Germany's most beautiful cities.

  • weatherproof, tear proof and wipeable
  • scale 1:60.000
  • handy map size (100 x 65 cm)
  • sheet size about 3.600 km²
  • information about road surface and traffic density
  • slope and distance information
  • touristic information
  • selected street names
  • thoroughly researched and permanently updated

RW wetterfest

bikeline radwanderkarten

Mountainbike Guides

The technical concept

The proven handy landscape format of the bikeline cycling guides has been retained for the bikeline mountain bike guides. Behind the sturdy hardcover hides a handy spiral binding that allows the tour sheets to be taken out individually. The tour descriptions and maps are arranged on double folded sheets (making them four-sided), so that you don’t carry around a lot of single sheets, but 1 to maximum three four-sided sheets. These inside sheets of the mountain bike guides are made of strong, laminated paper, making them water-resistant and sweat proof. The pages can be folded in the middle into a handy format, making them fit easily in your pocket.

The content

The most important element of the mountain bike guides are the detailed maps at a scale of 1:35.000. The maps inform you about the kind of route, hill slopes, traffic volume and main tourist facilities. Contour lines and relief shading complete the picture.

The short-held but very precise textual track information describes the route, in addition to the map, to help you get along "in the wild" in any case.

A good height profile shows you at a glance what to expect on the respective tour. The clear route characteristics clarify the overall level of difficulty, the length of the tour, the altitude differences, the demands on your riding technique and physical condition and the amount of traffic.


Hiking guides

  • waterproof, tear-resistant and extra light
  • GPS tracks for download
  • convenient pocket format
  • protected spiral binding
  • clear and easy to read maps
  • optimal walking scale with UTM grid
  • detailed description of road types
  • waypoints link map and text
  • detailed route descriptions
  • concise information about places and points of interest
  • numerous city and local plans
  • height profiles for each tour
  • comprehensive list of accommodations in long-distance footpaths
  • thoroughly researched and permanently updated
  • scale 1:35.000 or 1:50.000

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