Buijten & Schipperheijn

Buijten & Schipperheijn Recreation is an active publisher in the field of cycling maps and cycling guides with special attention to environmentally conscious tourism. Especially known are their cycling maps and guides on rural and thematic routes in the Netherlands.Two well known publications are:

1) The Strongest Cycling map of the Netherlands
There are two editions: one for the northern and central Netherlands and one for central and southern Netherlands. Information: numbered junctions, cycle hire points, ferries, Long distance routes and important phone numbers. The maps are made up of "Yupo" an exceedingly strong and water resistant plastic that is fully recyclable and environmentally safe.

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2) The National Bike Atlas
Scale 1:100,000, 171 current bike maps of the Netherlands combined, with the long distance routes, the numbered junctions routes, bike paths, camping sites, restaurants and attractions, detailed information about the landscape. Each map is 14 by 20 cm and covers an area of only 14 to 20 km.

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