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955 Roads and Motorways Map

Clear and easy to read map designed to highlight the motorway network and major roads. The map provides a variety of tourist information using unique symbols to differentiate the various key features. The map includes an enlargement showing the Paris region in greater detail, a distance table and an index of place names.
This map is available as a double-sided, laminated version: No.955.

Roads and Motorways Maps 955

801/802/803/804 Partial maps of France

801: France North West
802: France North East
803: France South West
804: France South East

Edition 2020 available in november 2019.

1/4 France 801 1/4 France 802 1/4 France 803 1/4 France 804

Regional Maps (Red Series)

2015 editions of IGN's annually updated regional series of France, indexed by place name and showing locations of fixed speed cameras, places of interest, etc. An indexed street plan of the central part of the region's main city is included in each title highlighting main traffic arteries and indicating one way streets and car parks.
The series is designed to provide convenient coverage of large areas on road maps with tourist information. Detailed mapping of regional and minor local roads is combined with very clear presentation of motorways and main national routes, showing toll sections with locations of toll gates, services and rest areas. Junction numbers are clearly marked.
The maps indicate access restrictions, unmaintained sections of minor local roads, etc. Sections in construction, both on main routes and local roads, are annotated with opening dates. The maps also show the country's railway network with stations and local stops, as well as departmental and regional administrative boundaries.
Towns of particular tourist interest are highlighted and a wide range of symbols mark locations of various places of interest, including chateaux and castles, cathedrals and churches, viewpoints, interesting natural features, nature reserves, etc. National and regional parks are prominently marked. Topography is shown by relief shading with coloring and graphics to indicate wooded areas, marshes, salt marshes, dry or wet sand shoreline, etc.
Each map includes an indexed street plan of central area in the region's main city.

NR04 NR07 NR09 NR15 NR16 NR17

Overview Regional

Top 100 (Classic green Series)

TOP100 road maps of France from IGN; exceptionally detailed, contoured road maps, ideal for exploring the French countryside by car, by bike, or even on foot. Used by millions of locals and tourists alike, this series provides an excellent balance between coverage of a sufficiently wide area and detailed road presentation, plus topographic information not found on other road maps.
The series includes plenty of tourist information. For walkers the maps have an overprint highlighting long-distance footpaths, the GR routes, making them an ideal supplement to the FFR topo guides. A wide range of symbols mark various places of interest, sport and recreational facilities, mountain refuges, etc. The maps carry all the usual information found on topographic maps at this scale: peaks, glaciers, passes, names of mountain ranges and other geographical features, railways with stations, funiculars, ski and chair lifts, administrative boundaries, etc.

V101 V129 V158 V167 V173 V190

Overview V100

The TOP 100 series gets a makeover with a new departmental division.

The new TOP 100 thanks to its scale of 1:100,000 (1 cm = 1 km) is the ideal map to discover a region and go sightseeing on foot (GR), by bike or by car, the VELO routes are carried out in partnership with the AF3V association – VéloRoutes et Voies Vertes.
Legend in three languages: French, English and German.

GRID INDEX of the new series IGN.TOP100D - departments:
Overview T100D Here you can view both lists: with their replacement(s).

Combined GRID INDEX:
Overview V and T100D combined

Top 25 series and Blue series

Topographic survey of France at 1:25,000 is published in two formats.

TOP 25 maps (map numbers ending in "T") cover areas of particular tourist interest. The maps have an overprint highlighting local footpaths, long-distance GR routes and, where appropriate, ski routes. Other tourist information includes campsites, equestrian or canoeing centres, huts, mountain refuges, etc. Map legend is in French and English. Each TOP 25 map covers an area of approximately 28 x 21 km / 17 x 13 miles.

Série Blue maps which cover the rest of France have no special overprint to show way marked hiking routes. Each Série Bleue map covers an area of approximately 20 x 14 km / 12 x 9 miles, with some maps slightly larger.

IGN3411E IGN2727O IGN4402RT IGN.1022ET IGN.3444OT IGN.P.3437OTR

The Blue Series is evolving and the completely new maps will be published starting in September 2014.

Between 2014 and 2018, IGN renews its entire BLUE SERIES.

New Blue series A new cartography carried out using IGN data bases:
  • Optimum readability
  • Improved geometric accuracy
  • Enriched tourist information

A new map size: twice as large as before:
  • The size of the new BLUE SERIES is equivalent to the TOP 25: the new maps cover a geographical area of 680 km², versus 340 km² in the old partition
  • For most maps (84%), the area covered is the assembly of the former East and West map of the BLUE SERIES. For example: the new map 1920SB is the assembly of the old 1920E and 1920O. The Craenen code will not have the SB in the end.
  • The other maps show a specific area to optimize the number of references in connection with the TOP 25 maps or in the border region
  • The number of references is divided by 2: in 2018, the series will consist of 682 maps, compared to 1316 in the previous partition

A more attractive cover for your shelves
Important design work has been done on the cover to highlight all the advantages of the new BLUE SERIES:
  • Clear display of the new area, so that customers can easily find the map they need
  • HIKING and OUTDOOR ACTIVITY locations are highlighted
  • The legend in 3 languages (French, English and German) is ideal for foreign tourists
  • Free access to mobile internet services: a unique QRCODE provides access to various mobile Internet services through a smartphone (IOS, ANDROID and WINDOWS MOBILE). The user has the possibility to:
    • View the IGN map on his smartphone
    • Access the local weather on the mobile site of METEO FRANCE
    • Manage a map library to stay informed of new releases


Raster A1 B1 C1 D1 A2 B2 C2 D2 A3 B3 C3 D3 A4 B4 C4 D4 The map of France is devided in 16 areas to make the overview map more clear.

Click on the map below or on the small map on the right to zoom in on an area to see the assembly map.
France Top25 A1 B1 C1 D1 A2 B2 C2 D2 A3 B3 C3 D3 A4 B4 C4 D4

IGN TOP 75: recreational maps of France

Popular and touristic areas (French Alps, Pyrenees,...) on GPS compatible, contoured TOP 75 maps at 1:75,000 from the IGN, highlighting GR routes, cycling trails and sites for other recreational activities. Five enlargements at 1:25,000 are included in each map. Contour lines, enhanced by relief shading. Additional coloring shows different types of vegetation (woods, brushwood, vineyards/orchards). Boundaries of national parks and other protected areas are marked. An overprint highlights long-distance GR hiking routes and cycling trails. Symbols indicate various places of interest including mountain refuges and gîtes d'etape (but not campsites); areas for other recreational pursuits such as rock climbing, hang gliding or winter sports; historic or cultural sites, etc. The maps have an index of towns and villages.
Each title also contains enlargements of difficult areas which benefit from presentation at a more detailed scale of 1:25,000. These are extracts from IGN's TOP25 topographic survey maps and in addition to the GR routes include other local hiking paths.

Vercors Leman Mt Blanc Verdon Haute Languedoc Luberon Provence

Overview TOP75

Maps of the French departments

Road maps of France's individual administrative departments from the IGN at 1:200,000, also showing the departments' subdivisions and providing a full index of towns and villages, each annotated with its population details.

D05 D24 D43 D66 D74 DParis

Overview Dep


Scales of 1:10.000 to 1:13.000. Zoom of the downtown area; plan of public transport, street index , single directions and postal addresses, car parks, service stations open 24h/24, post offices, museums, hospitals etc...

Marseille Nice Aix-en-Provence Bordeaux Lyon Paris

Overview Villes

IGN Maps of the Surroundings of Main Cities

The surroundings of France's main cities on detailed road maps at 1:80,000 from the IGN, designed to highlight places of interest and recreational possibilities, with a city centre street plan and details of selected walks in each title. Very detailed presentation of the road network, including classification of local roads according to lanes, rest areas, access restrictions, etc. Railway lines are shown with stations. Topography is shown by relief shading, with spot heights and coloring for woodlands, vineyards, orchards, etc. Cycle tracks and long-distance GR routes are marked. A wide range of symbols indicate various places of interest and recreational facilities, historical and cultural sites, golf courses, rock climbing, nature reserves, etc. Refuges and gîtes d'etape are marked, but no campsites. The maps have no geographical coordinates for GPS. Each title has an index of towns and villages. A special feature of this series is the inclusion of a large city centre street plan and an enlargement showing places of special recreational interest.

Bordeaux Paris Nice Toulouse Grenoble Avignon

Outdoor Activity Maps

An extensive series of maps published by the IGN in cooperation with local authorities, ramblers' associations, cycling clubs, etc. The maps are designed to provide information on places of interest, recreational facilities, various types of accommodation, local and long-distance footpaths, bridleways, cycling and mountain bike routes, etc.

Outdoor Activity Maps


Three series of maps which reveal cultural truths and priceless ecological treasures. Discover forgotten traditions, remarkable museums and monuments, benefit from surrounding nature when walking in the regional nature reserves or a national park. These map series open new horizons to you while enabling you to find the tourist wonders of the specific areas using simple and practical symbols.


Thematic Maps

Various aspects of France in a series of thematic tourist maps published by the IGN using their general road map of the country as a base and aimed to present cultural and historical heritage, opportunities for outdoor pursuits, wine growing areas, etc.

IGN-903 IGN-915 IGN-922 IGN-924

The IGN series 'Discovery of the countries of the World'

The series 'Discovery of the countries of the World' offers an extensive assortment of 73 different maps, which contain various tourist and traffic information, essential while traveling abroad.
The series offers 25 destinations in Africa, 12 in Asia, 11 in America from north to south and there are 30 European destinations.

The IGN series


These raised relief maps , both educational and aesthetic, offer an overall picture of the whole France, of an area, or a mountainous region... Scales of 1:1,400,000 to 1:50,000.

Some examples:
Scale 1:1,400,000
Size: 96 cm x 92 cm France Relief
Map scale 1:375,000
Vertical scale 1:100,000
Size: 113 cm x 80 cm Pyrenées
Haut-Jura - Leman
Map scale 1:100,000
Vertical scale 1:100,000
Size: 113 cm x 80 cm Haut-Jura - Leman
Alps - Rhône Valley
Map scale 1:375,000
Vertical scale 1:100,000
Size: 80 cm x 113 cm Alpes - Vallée du Rhône

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