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TERRAIN is a cartographic and publishing company founded in Athens, Greece, in April 2008 by Stephanos Psimenos, travel writer, cartographer and publisher. Stephanos and his team of 9 experienced cartographers, travel around Greece with their state-of-the-art cartographic equipment to map the country in detail, even its remotest regions, so as to produce the most up-to-date, accurate maps of Greece for the demanding traveler.

Country road map of Greece and regional maps

Terrain Maps is working on a series of 6 regional maps at a scale of 1:200.000. These include the entire main road network, as well as tourist information and places of interest; therefore, they are perfect for planning your trip and getting the whole picture of an area.

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Maps of Greek Islands

These new series of maps of the Greek islands come at a scale of 1:15.000 - 1:60.000, ideal for exploring, touring and hiking.
TERRAIN maps of the Greek islands are the only maps featuring:

    TERRAIN maps are created 100% by field research, and by using the latest GIS (Geographical Information Systems) technology. In these maps, you'll find no single piece of information which has not been recorded by researchers on the field. Terrain Maps relies on the most powerful GPS equipment and GIS software to record and process the data. This combination (100% field research and GIS technology), which is unique, to date, among Greek cartographic companies, results in the most up-to-date, information-rich and reliable maps of Greece available on the market today.
    TERRAIN maps are printed on "Polyart" paper, a rip-proof, 100% waterproof and recyclable material. This makes the maps extremely hardwearing: no matter how heavily used, fold and refold in all possible ways, they'll still be there in one piece!
    TERRAIN maps are the first to present information on the coastline of the Greek islands, valuable to those sailing to the islands. So you'll know whether a beach is sandy or pebbled or if there is natural shade, and much more.
    TERRAIN maps are the first to depict rock climbing crags throughout Greece, selected cycling routes, cannoning routes, scuba diving centers, and much more, not to mention the extensive hiking trails, making the maps the ultimate tool for outdoor activities.
    At TERRAIN they acknowledge the importance of good and clear map design. The maps are readable and easy on the eye, by choosing clear symbols, fonts and colors, and carefully positioning information so that it can be easily tracked.

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