Orama Editions

ORAMA Editions is a Greek publisher of Road & Travel maps, covering the whole of Greece, in different formats.
ORAMA Editions offers unique series of maps, in various scales, to suit every requirement.

Atlas of Greece

The only atlas on the Greek market with a scale of 1/250.000!

Atlas Greece

Blue Map series:

Detailed Road - Tourist maps for Greek Regions
Maps, large format, with hard cover, GPS compatible. Includes city plans, information about accommodation, sights, beaches, photos, history, useful phone numbers etc.

Blue Series

Green Map series:

covering all Greek Islands in various scales
Maps Large format, with hard cover, GPS compatible, includes information about accommodation, sights, history, photos, beaches, useful phone numbers etc.

Green Series

Detailed City Plans

Maps include street index and represent hotels, churches, schools, squares and public services, useful telephone numbers, pubic services location etc.

Detailed city plans

Detailed hiking maps for Greek mountains & special regions

Very useful for trekking, hiking, cycling, climbing, 4x4, endure etc.
These maps will be replaced in the future by the series STEP BY STEP.

Hiking Map series STEP BY STEP

A new series that includes specialized trekking maps, suitable for outdoor activities such as climbing, trekking, hiking, 4x4 routes or endure routes etc.
Maps are waterproof and rip-proof.

Step by Step

Road, Tourist & city maps of ALBANIA and CYPRUS

Albania maps Cyprus maps

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