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ACSI Campsite Guide + App 2019

Campsite guide 2019 An indispensable travel guide for camping enthusiasts! Not only does it describe the loveliest campsites in Great Britain, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal, the guide is full of tourist information about all these wonderful destinations. It really is a guide to find your perfect overnight spot while still at home or on the road. Choose from more than 3,000 campsites! It includes CampingCard ACSI (the discount card for the low season) and uses the same campsite information as the ACSI Campsites Europe app.

An inspirational campsite guide - choose your holiday campsite with confidence!

Find your ideal campsite in the ACSI Campsite Guide. It’s a complete travel guide with extensive information about more than 3,000 campsites in the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Find out everything about amenities, guide prices and routes to the campsite, and be inspired by our information about the regions. We’ll tell you about the countryside, the history, the culture and what you can do there. All campsites are visited by us each year so the information is always reliable and up to date.

In addition to the guide, you can also find this information in the ACSI Campsites Europe app (price €7.96). This means you have access to the campsite information anywhere and at any time and you can also read reviews by other campers. Using convenient filters, you can easily find your overnight spot (and even book it at some campsites). When you buy the guide you will receive a voucher with a unique code which gives you access to this part of the app!

To sum up, you will also receive the CampingCard ACSI discount card for the low season. You will recognise the participating campsites by the blue CC logo. But there are many more campsites in Europe that accept the discount card. You can find them on
Using the CampingCard ACSI discount card you can stay overnight in the low season at a fixed, low rate (€12, €14, €16, €18 or €20 per night) at more than 3,400 campsites in Europe. All you need to do is complete your details on the card and present it at the campsite reception. Symbols in the ACSI Campsite Guide indicate which campsites accept the CampingCard ACSI discount card. Check out for more information about CampingCard ACSI and for the exact acceptance dates for each campsite.

The ACSI Campsite Guide in brief:
  • An inspirational campsite guide – choose your holiday campsite with confidence
  • Comprehensive details of over more than 3,100 campsites in Great-Britain, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal
  • Annually selected, inspected and reviewed especially for your peace of mind
  • Features the most popular regions of 5 countries
  • Guide includes the CampingCard ACSI discount card for big savings in the low season (worth €17.95)
  • Guide includes the useful ACSI Campsites Europe app (worth €7.96)

The ACSI Campsites Europe app in brief:
  • Information to hand, wherever you are
  • All the information in the guide is available on the app
  • Can be expanded to include 9,000 inspected motorhome pitches
  • Use filters to find your perfect campsite
  • Free updates with modifications and new campsite reviews
  • Suitable for smartphones and tablets (Android 4 +, iOS7 + and Windows 10) and for laptops and computers (Windows 10).

When you buy the ACSI Campsite Guide you will receive:
  • The ACSI Campsite Guide 2019 with information about more than 3,000 campsites in Great Britain, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal.
  • Access to all information from the guide in the ACSI Campsites Europe app. This information can be accessed until 1 January 2020.
  • The CampingCard ACSI discount card which means you can camp inexpensively in the low season at more than 3400 campsites in Europe.

Order details:
  • Craenen code: ACSISITE.01
  • ISBN: 9789492023797

ACSI CampingCard guide (available in Dutch, French, English, Spanish & German)

CampingCard guide You can camp at great value rates with CampingCard ACSI. Save up to 60% on overnight stays in the low season and order the two-part CampingCard ACSI guide, including the accompanying discount card.

Enjoy great value camping in the low season

Who doesn't want to camp at great value rates? Save on the cost of your overnight stays in the spring and autumn* and take CampingCard ACSI on the road with you. With it, you can camp at more than 3,000 campsites across Europe for a fixed low rate.

You can benefit from up to 60% discounts on overnight rates when you show your CampingCard ACSI discount card. The CampingCard ACSI guide gives an overview of all participating campsites, including amenities and acceptance dates.

The advantages of CampingCard ACSI:
    CampingCard Card
  • Exclusive camping deals when you show your CampingCard ACSI discount card
  • Save up to 60% per night
  • More than 3,000 participating campsites, inspected every year
  • Recoup your purchase cost after just four overnight stays
  • Three children up to the age of five are included in the overnight rate at 375 campsites
  • GPS coordinates per campsite for easy navigation

CampingCard ACSI is ideal for campers who like to go on holiday in the low season. At participating campsites, you will pay a fixed low overnight rate. In the guide you can easily see what rate the campsite charges. Do you like to go camping for more than four nights in the spring or autumn? That's all it will take to recoup the cost of CampingCard ACSI in many cases. Don't pay too much for your overnight stays, and order CampingCard ACSI now.

When you purchase CampingCard ACSI, you'll receive:
  • The CampingCard ACSI guide with an overview of participating campsites. Includes an overview of amenities and GPS coordinates for each campsite.
  • The CampingCard ACSI discount card which gives you discounts on the overnight rate in the spring and autumn low seasons at participating campsites. All you have to do is show your discount card at reception.

Order details English version:
  • Craenen code: ACSICARD.20.E
  • ISBN: 9789493182608

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