Odyssey was founded in Hong Kong in 1979, and was the first imprint to publish English language guides to China. Today, it retains this strength, specialising in guides to China, the Silk Road, and Central Asia. However, it also covers other exotic destinations further a field from Afghanistan to Egypt, to Kamchatka, to Angkor, to Kazakhstan, to Kyrgyz Republic, as well as books on New Zealand and Australia.

Odyssey Guides are distinctive from other guidebooks for their concentration on the history and culture of the countries they cover. Always well-written, and full of in-depth cultural information not normally included in the average mass-market tour book, Odyssey Guides allow the reader to gain a fuller and genuine understanding of a destination. Aimed at the higher end of the market, and often covering destinations off-the-beaten track, they are also beautifully illustrated with pictures, maps, literary excerpts and archive material. The typical Odyssey Guide is 30% photos, maps and illustrations. They also contain essays by leading experts on topics from literature to wildlife, geology to architecture, and thus can be read as much by the armchair traveller as the actual visitor.

Odyssey readers are travellers and often businesspeople who look beyond practical information - they want more than a tour book, but rather a book that goes deeper, that guides them through adventures in culture and history, through the urban mazes or pristine beauty of the world's most inspiring destinations.

Because Odyssey Guides explore the world's most fascinating, often off-the-beaten track destinations, the company has won the loyalty of the world's most curious, best-travelled readers.

In the words of National Geographic Traveller: " If you're lucky enough to find an Odyssey Guide to where you're going, grab it!"

Odyssey Guides

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